About Us

Zeta-Web Business Solutions (ZBS) Limited is a company set-up to fill the gap of quality ICT Service Integration and Services.

About Our Business

We focused on ICT solutions, IT Consultancy, Outsourced services, Systems Integration and Applications development. We also deploy and manage Contact center solutions for our customers.

At Zeta-Web, we deliver end-to-end, effective and reliable solutions that can transform your business and align ICT with your business operations.
We take the stress off you and allow you concentrate on your day-to-day operations while we handle the management of your ICT infrastructure.
By leading the market from our customers’ perspective, we provide a balance between Reliable and Efficient solutions with Value-add services on a Cost-Effective platform.


ZBS has designed and constructed a business network that offers Guaranteed Operational Efficiency. Scalability is available both ways, thereby allowing subscribers to upscale or downscale as appropriate. Our Business Solutions services are client-specific and each solution is tailored to the need/requirement of the client thereby ensuring Service Uniqueness and Efficiency. Staff Productivity is also guaranteed at every level.

Clients we have worked with

Over the years we have worked and provided business solutions for clients listed below