DrayTek Routers provide business-grade features including VPN, firewall, content filtering, and bandwidth management, are an integrated network solution for home and business.

Vigor2133 Series

Vigor2760 Delight Series

Vigor2762 Series

Vigor2925 Series

Access Points

DrayTek access points offers business-grade features, including AirTime Fairness, Band Steering, Built-in RADIUS server, and AP-Assisted Roaming. Supports stand-alone operation and centralized management via Vigor Router and VigorACS.

VigorAP 910C

VigorAP 902

VigorAP 920R Series

VigorAP 810


VigorSwitch offers advanced VLAN and security options that help you keep the local network secured and efficient.

VigorSwitch P2280

VigorSwitch P1280

VigorSwitch G1080

VigorSwitch G2280